Suzhou new measures for supporting agricultural projects--open small low interest loans

    at present, 37 rural microfinance company in the city of Suzhou has undertaken to provide 234 million yuan of special funds at preferential interest rates designed to support "three agriculture".

    nongban the project responsible for referrals, loan guarantees Finance Office of the coordination of the implementation procedures, agricultural credit company on the basis of the principle of construction project loan interest rate should not exceed 8%, farmers, farmers ' cooperatives, agricultural small and medium enterprises and collective economic organizations apply cheap, short-term lending, guarantee fee-free, small amounts.

    micro-loans low interest agriculture project recently launched in Suzhou city, became the "agricultural credit link" rural collective assets after the mortgage products and agricultural products.

    in China, commercial small credit market Shang main by formal Bank, and specifically small borrowing institutions, to provides service, which accounted for 60% to 70% market share of agricultural letter social and most civil small borrowing institutions are is oriented rural carried out business; about file on commercial small loan organization of positioning also stressed has its increased rural financial supply, guide rural financial innovation of role--service "three agricultural" is small loan of State body of this, and The proper meaning. Loan, however cannot avoid contradictions characteristic of rural finance: instability of the agricultural industry and the low rate of return.

    on commercial small unsecured loans to support the poverty there are natural limitations, as capitalistic and financial blind spots to be produced by the nonprofit micro-loans to make up. So-called microfinance is a not for profit for the purpose of public welfare, and focus on services to the poor funding. Due to their profits only needs to be able to cover its operating costs, not to pursue more benefits for the purpose of its purposes and loans for poverty alleviation does not deflect.  

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