Capital chain tension-SME credit risk under the corner survey

    on May 12, many business owners are passed on news of the central banks increased for the fifth time this year the reserve ratio.

    due to the Bank for most of the year "new old" jam, many SMEs borrowing from loan sharks boss unsecured loans into interest "black hole". Zhou said: "this time 3 escape of Wenzhou businessmen, all because of a usurious loan, culminating in capital chain rupture. "

    look forward to lending a garden, General Manager of Beijing Zhang (not his real name), heard about this message and more seat:" waiting for this batch of seedlings in nursery, people pushing me every day over there sign a contract, but I got property as collateral, banks loan money is coming from. This business can't do it now. "

Zhang nursery business for more than 10 years, the loan broken heart:" in early March I submitted loan applications will call once every two days, until today, the Bank didn't give a zhunhua. "" Deposit reserve ratio is raised, I can only express regret. "On May 13, the Wenzhou Promotion Association for SME dewen, the reporter, said in an interview," so I'm still hoping to relax a little bit, and now lost. "The

financing issue attracted the attention of Ministry. On May 4, the Ministry issued a notice on the survey of the financing situation of SMEs, require authorities of various provinces and municipalities to carry out the survey of the financing situation of SMEs, and on 15th of this month it will investigate a report submitted to the Ministry.

Bank loans: real interest rates exceed 10%

"loan is now ' up sells '. "Agricultural Bank of China Guangdong provincial branch of a credit manager, told reporters," there are two aspects to customer requirements, one is the interest rate premium, the second fee is charged for financial advisers. "The so-called interest rate premium, which means that lending rates on the basis of floating. At present, Guangdong Bank's loans are generally in the benchmark interest rate based on the floating 10%, and rarely executed in accordance with the benchmark interest rate, not to mention the interest rate to float downward.

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