Suzhou is the first "patented loans"

from State intellectual property pilot parks was granted in 2007 on 3 years, intellectual property work in Suzhou high-tech zone made remarkable achievements, especially in independent innovation of the enterprises in the region is high, in 2010 alone, 4,878 patents, invention patents 1445, 2,269 authorized patents, licensing inventions 146. Gujun Deputy Secretary for science and technology, "said patent right pledge loan" is to solve the financing difficulty of small and medium enterprises initiative, banks use of enterprise intellectual property as an intangible asset, certainly added a new financing platform for the enterprise.

it is understood that the dongling vibration is well-known private science and technology enterprises in Suzhou high-tech zone, the production of electro-dynamic vibration test system, mainly used for China's defense industry, rail transport, ship manufacturing vibration experiments. In recent years, the company has developed 35 tons electro-dynamic vibration test system for spacecraft, Moon spaceship fly to space provides a guarantee. Up to now, the dongling vibration has been declared more than 120 patents, 81 authorized patents, invention patents and 17 of them.

However, small and medium enterprises "financing" has been restricting the development and growth of enterprises, dongling vibration also had a similar problem. According to the company's financial manager Chen Yasen introduced so far this year, the company is developing rapidly, orders in hand rose 50%, increased demand for funds, and in order to improve the company's competitive level, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development, these funds are needed. Bank loans normally require real estate and other tangible assets pledged, dongling vibration this patent and other "intangible assets" as the core competitiveness of enterprises, there is certainly a lot of difficulties.

last year, China Everbright Bank and innovative business models, patent right pledge loan project was launched, and Dong Ling to actively apply for it. Banks also employ the National Treasury and the Commission mandate, country-level assessments of qualifications assessment company in North Asia to assess the pledge of dongling 58 patents, assessing a value of 100 million Yuan. On March 15 this year, the company and the Suzhou Everbright Bank official handling procedures.

Suzhou dongling vibration test instrument, President Wang Xiaozhong told reporters that money for dongling vibration so that much-needed money into enterprises, is undoubtedly a timely boost. After received 30 million Yuan, the company will increase investment in research and development, improving the research and development of hardware environment, in addition, the company is developing rapidly in the first quarter, this sum of money can guarantee the circulation of funds.

Suzhou dongling vibration test instrument formally approved China Everbright Bank to "patent pledge" into 30 million Yuan. This is first pure franchise financing loan, Suzhou New District, is also the largest single enterprise, Suzhou was a single bank a solid franchise financing loan. Industry sources said that "patent pledge" loans for innovation as the core of SMEs, it is undoubtedly adds a new "platform", loans backed by this new approach has attracted more and more attention.

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