Jiangsu set up financial services "fast-track"

   Jiangsu banking regulatory Bureau Director Yu Xuejun said, "to invigorate financial services for SMEs, the key design characteristics of SME loan mechanism, and develop incentives to encourage banks to focus on small and medium enterprises who. "&Nbsp;  
    Jiangsu banking regulatory Bureau according to the latest statistics, up to now, the Jiangsu province's 42 State-owned, joint-stock commercial banks and city level subsidiaries of commercial banks, has 33 specialised financial services unit was established, most of which was set up this year. SME lending departments established as an open financial "through train", brings the SME loans increased significantly. At the end of September, Jiangsu SME loans balance 1.5187 trillion early this year, 386.6 billion increase, growth of 34.1%, above the average growth rate of 1.83%. &Nbsp; 

    May 2009 Department of Bank of Nanjing established the level of small business financing--small business financial services institutions. Launched has "gold plum ' easy ' road peer • small enterprise growth partner" of business brand, the brand including create easy loan, and thaw easy loan, and business easy loan, and wisdom easy loan, and gold easy poly 5 a products, respectively for of is venture period of small enterprise, and into long-term small enterprise, and trade type small enterprise and the technology type small enterprise of financing and the financial service, 5 big series total more than 30 multiple products, basic can cover small enterprise the aspects of financing needs.

    Taizhou branch of ICBC new small business finance business center based focus to expand the domestic trade financing, cash flow and material flow corresponds to small enterprises, domestic invoice financing, domestic factoring credit varieties to provide customers with a variety of forms of account receivable financing services. Added in only 1 month 3 domestic factoring in the amount of 30 million yuan realized the original branch in hailing small business factoring breakthrough. In addition, the Bank of China Jiangsu, Zhenjiang branch, bank branches, banks and other financial institutions in Jiangsu province recently launched a unique, quick and easy way of SME loan services.

    Ji Yulan loan experience is not alone in Jiangsu, reporters learned that this year, Jiangsu Province, many banks through the establishment of specialized in SME lending sector, according to the characteristics of SMEs lending model has broken through the traditional "not lending without collateral" means great convenience to small and medium enterprises.

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