Says thousands of home buyers in the industry, or for developers to the Fearless Hyena illusion

around the default tuning, setting the tone of "steady growth" rate cuts, regardless of how the original intention of policymakers, all this was interpreted as a substantial relaxation of market regulation tend to signal.

despite national NDRC denied "untied property is rescue second Zhang brand"; despite bank file mentioned first sets housing loan interest rate 70 percent with said is secretly encourages, than said is stressed housing loan interest rate floating interval not variable; property of expected after all has into subtle of more empty game stage, most brave of bulls has market, real estate intermediary began with "not buy will rose has" scare customer, market Shang also has appeared has tries to effect expected of first a story "thousand people purchase".

insiders believe that trading volume in the local property market has magnified, with 2009 years the irrational nature of the differences. However, the developers seem to rekindle interest, reproduce high premium rates in Shanghai land deal.

at this sensitive stage, without a clear suppression policy or signal the release of subtle shift in market expectations or.
the purchase of sewing

this reporter found in the investigation, recent urban housing prices rose, and supply structure, the mansions and high-end residential volume. However, the crowds to buy these products, most belonging to the purchase of objects, how they market?

people in the industry believe there is restriction of eligibility fraud. Beijing construction Committee announced in early May, the city's total of 14,000 families did not pass purchase eligibility. Analysts pointed out, much of which belonged to the purchase object audit failed to pass. Avoiding the purchase of best practice issue, false Beijing residence permit or a collective account, each card charging tens of thousands of Yuan.

"residence permit fraud to avoid restriction", Beijing construction Committee recently issued a notice, require purchase, human security, qualification examination and then sends the information verification failed, and not for purchase procedures for verification and accountability, punishment. According to the Councils official Micro-Blog "homes in Beijing" said the restriction of the audit had three pass, including handling property once. For counterfeiters, this is no different from a bomb that could explode at any time.

China resources land of Beijing Xishan project Marketing Director happy to disclose, run West Hill does have a lot of clients belonging to the purchase of objects, but they are with their parents or on behalf of the company to buy, or be used to buy new, transaction process than just the items you want longer, but have not yet found the purchase object acts of fraud.

However, some two or three cities, restriction of fraud was widespread. Most typical are certified by the intermediary agents to pay social security, or if a number of homes had lied about only one set. Limited purchase of city buyers say, as long as the sign on a piece of paper can, authorities do not review.

analysts regard this as one of the local water. Several brokerages think, because of the economic downside risks exist, and local Governments dependent on real estate is difficult to change in the short term, Central tolerance for micro-regulation will increase. CIC securities predicted that if policies continue to fine-tune, 6-8 months of China's property market the off-season does not light.

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