Jiangsu new ground: a down payment on a second home loan reduce

On April 11, the people's Bank of China Nanjing Branch issued a notice, apply for loans to buy second homes, the minimum down payment from two cities of Nanjing, Suzhou 70%, 60% uniform down to 45% and 11 other prefectures and the minimum down payment from 60% to 40%.
two Suite new deal end landing
in "II Suite" of defined Shang, Jiangsu Province and Bank of expressed consistent, that "has 1 sets housing and corresponding purchase loan not settled of residents family, for improved live conditions again application commercial personal housing loan purchase General since housing of", according to provides, if loan has paid off of, is by first suite implementation; if again purchase of is general housing, is still by original provides implementation down payment 70%.
in terms of interest rates, the ground rules clear, "loan rate no less than 1.1 times the benchmark execution", this makes no difference with the existing requirements. But with central banks "3ยท30 policy" statement in the same, also gives the banks autonomy in Jiangsu Province, according to each borrower's credit status and other factors, determine their down payment and interest rate levels. Bank of
second home purchases as early as 2007 standard is the 40%, 1.1 times needs interest rates rise, which runs until September 2010, to control the overheated market, raised the downpayment for second homes-50% 2011 "eight" increased again to 60%, Nanjing in 2013 "better eight" required to 70%.
Provident Fund loans or will slightly adjust the
on March 30, Central Bank, Ministry of housing, the CBRC published second-home loans in new deal, provident fund housing loans also provides Fund first home down payment dropped to 20%, down payment on a second home to 30%. However, in the French policy in Jiangsu Province, has not yet been referred to the relevant policy.
it is understood that now Nanjing Provident Fund policy is set out in individual purchase first home down payment ratio is 30%, buy second homes payment ratio is the same as 30%. According to the Central Bank introduced a new deal, Nanjing policy fine-tuning of Provident Fund loans, one is from 30% 20% down payment on a first home, two mortgage fund not set preconditions. BACK
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