Project process

, loan applications: borrower loan purpose, amount and length of time;

Second, preparing loan materials: for borrowers and mortgage loan applications loan documents required, documents prepared according to the requirements, including my spouse ID card, residence booklet, proof of income, personal consumer use of the corresponding contract, proof of marital status; house ownership, the ownership ID card, residence booklet, marital status and spouse

three, showing assessment: from field surveys, and assessment agency on housing mortgage (prospecting);

four loans, approval: all loans data, together with an evaluation report or survey submissions submitted to the Bank for approval;

v notarization, loan contracts: borrowers and mortgage completed (contract) and all related documents, after signature, take fingerprints, notarized by notaries to it;

VI registration of mortgage: the Bank of house ownership and mortgage loan contract to the notarial property rights registration;

seven, account opening, loan borrowers open a payment account, Bank lending to the account (Note: in principle, only housing, housing, housing can be used as collateral).

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